Elite Pumps

Size 5 and 8 adult left!


13 January 2014

Daughter v happy with her new lights…Best ever as stitching on other brands always annoyed her big toes…

30 November 2017

They are the best softshoes I ever had. They fit closely around my arch and heel and don’t make blisters on my toes. They are soft and very easy to break in but offer perfect support for toes and arch. They stay in good shape, offer support and don’t wear off for a long time.

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Elite Sizing Guide

Elite Sizing Guide

Please measure the length of your foot and refer to the guidelines below for what size to order.

If you require advice on how to do an accurate measurement then please visit our Foot Measuring Page for useful tips and assistance.

This guide is designed for the intermediate dancer. You may want to go a half size larger if you are a beginner or a smaller size if you are an open dancer.

The measurements given are for the foot length we recommend for each size and DOES NOT indicate the length of the pump as your toes should be slightly curled when first worn.

Please note that this is a guide and does not guarantee the correct fit. For more information on this guide and on fitting pumps correctly then please click here.

How to Use

Measure your foot and choose the closest size to that measurement. If your foot measurement is between lengths then adjust for your type of foot or preferred fit.
For example, if you have a wide foot, a high instep or are a beginner then go for the size above your foot measurement. If you have a narrow foot or like your pumps very tight to begin with then go for the size below your measurement. You can find some examples here.

Elite Size

Foot Measurement

11 185
11.5 189
12 192
12.5 195
13 198
13.5 203
1 208
1.5 211
2 219
2.5 222
3 225
3.5 228
4 234
4.5 238
5 241
5.5 244
6 251
6.5 254
7 257
7.5 260
8 265
8.5 268


Please Note - Every dancer prefers their pumps to fit in a certain way. Some like them extra tight, others with a little room. Combine this with the fact that everyone's feet are unique in terms of width, length, arch type and height and you can see why pump fitting can be difficult. Hence we only offer this sizing chart as a guide rather than a guaranteed fit. 

Adults sizes


Childrens sizes


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Product description

The Elite was designed for the top dancers in Irish dance who train as hard as modern athletes.

Elite dancers train several times a week and need footwear which looks after their feet and allows them to develop to their full potential and compete at the highest level.

The Elite was the first pump to introduce several new features to reduce foot fatigue allowing dancers to train harder and longer.

The Elite has been designed with a dedicated left and right foot with an arch enhancer on the inside of each foot to create a fantastic arch shape which hugs the dancer's arch.

The dedicated right and left feet allows dancers to shape the pumps to the profile of each foot so they feel like a second skin..

The Elite was the first pump to have a seam free toe which reduces friction or irritation around the toe area and helps create a great toe shape.

The contoured heel has also been redesigned to support and hug the heel to eliminate heel bagging and the pump feels nice and secure during movement.

Medical grade Poron shock absorbers are fitted as standard.

Summary of features
  • New design
  • Leather uppers
  • Split sole with black suede front sole
  • Dedicated left and right feet
  • Seamless toe for great shape and feel
  • Preshaped arch with arch enchancer
  • Contoured heel
  • Poron padding
  • Elasticated side looks for close fit.
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'For me this experience was as straightforward and as simple as one could have hoped for. '

Josh - UK
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