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Hullachan Boys Reel - Original

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Available in adults and childrens sizes

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Product description

The original Hullachan Boys Reel.


Please note some sizes are no longer available as this model has been replaced with the Hullachan Pro Lite.

Summary of Features
  • Clever Insoles - Protects & cushions with a dual layer insole
  • Stronger Leather Uppers - Dramatically reduces the chance of heel tears
  • Reinforced heel area -  Improves heel fit and durability
  • Perforated black suede front sole - Increased flexibility & control
  • Concorde Lite heels - 30% lighter!
  • Now available with or without ankle strap!


Watch our video and find out about the great new features on the Hullachan boy's reel shoe!

The Hullachan boys reel shoe has been designed to meet the demands of modern male Irish dancers.

Designed by Craig Coussins and Antonio Pacelli, it is lighter and stronger than any other boy's reel shoe on the market. As any serious male dancer knows, the Capezio reel shoe has never been ideal. While the technology in girl's pumps has dramatically improved over the years, the boy's reel shoe has largely remained the same. Well no longer!

This is the first boy's reel shoe which has been designed from the ground up to be a boy's reel shoe, rather than adapting existing jazz shoes on the market.

The shoe is made from a higher grade of leather than the Capezio Boys Reel making it stronger and more resistant to tearing during training and competitions whilst still allowing maximum feel and control.

The heel area has been reinforced to provide a secure fit as well as ensuring the shoe has the strength to carry a Championship level heel. 

We have also introduced for the first time, proper cushioning and shock protection into a boy's reel shoe. As with all the new Hullachan Red range, the shoe is fitted with Clever Insoles, which are a dual layer insole which has both shock absorption properties to protect your joints as well as softness for comfort. This is covered in a Camberel lining which helps wick away moisture from the foot.

Hullachan boys reel shoes are also fitted with the Concorde Lite heel which is 30% lighter than our standard Concorde heel. This creates a more balanced shoe and allows you to dance at optimal levels for longer. In our tests, the Concorde heel Lite was louder than our original Concorde heel even though it's lighter!

Another major difference is the sole of the Hullachan. The plastic front sole of the Capezio has been replaced with a black suede sole, similar to some of the girl's pumps, allowing much more flexibility and a better point.

Try the new Hullachan Boys Reel and feel how different a shoe designed just for male Irish dancers feels. You will definitely notice and feel the difference!


Krysten, USA
24 April 2015

Very impressed with construction and comfort

Jennifer, Ohio, USA
1 October 2015

My son absolutely LOVES the new Hullachan reel shoes.  He had broken his ankle last winter and was looking for something with a little more support - yet still capable of handling champ footwork.  These shoes have been a perfect match.  He loves the slightly wider heel because it gives him more stability.  They are holding up quite well, especially considering the number of outdoor events he’s danced at this summer.  Oh, and his clicks sound loud and solid - he couldn’t ask for a better reel shoe!

Joanne, UK
15 April 2016

My son has the shoes and has had no complaints. From a parents point of view I’m happy. They’ve lasted so much longer than the brand he’s always had and still look new all these months later. He used to be lucky to get 8 weeks out of shoes before. He’s a 16 year old open dancer who is pretty tough on his feet.
He wore them at competition straight away without any problems. They look smart on his feet and no blisters or moaning about new shoe breaking in. He thinks they are very comfy and the heels feel more secure and sound good. We recommended them to friends who’s sons are now wearing them. 
I will def be buying more when the time comes and be telling friends with boys to do the same.
Whilst they are more expensive you Defiantly get what you pay for in quality and durability.
Thumbs up from us.

Jennifer, USA
22 April 2016

My son LOVES his Hullachan Reel shoes.  One of the problems he had with other brands was the size of the heel.  Because they are not purpose-built, they are all essentially jazz shoes with a hard heel mounted post-manufacture.  When he was smaller, this wasn’t an issue, but as his feet grew,  this began to cause problems.  The heel size wasn’t always proportionate to the overall shoe size - almost like the makers were using a few sizes of heels to fit 11+ different shoe sizes.  His feet were always unstable, even with elastics.  After coming back from an ankle injury, we knew we had to find something better.  The heels on his Hullachan shoes, fit the shoe much better, providing a safer, more stable dance shoe.  The Hullachans are also made from a slightly heavier leather, which provides more support while remaining flexible enough for championship-level footwork.

And regarding durability, we couldn’t be happier!  They have lasted a full year, with minimal wear.  My son dances at countless venues - outdoor festivals in the summer, St. Patrick’s Day events, 7 hours of dance class each week, etc. - and these shoes have survived the year with him!

Greg Speicher
21 November 2016

I bought these for my son last week. We love the design of the shoe (materials, durability)! The only issue we had with the shoes are that they are very narrow. We ordered a mens 7 and they were very narrow and a bit too long. Other than that, a very good shoe.

Ramona, California
11 May 2017

My boy loves his reel shoes so much, that he now wants your jig shoes too, thank you so much for your help, I’m so thrilled with how much he loves his reel shoes, and now some of his friends are ordering them too!

1 January 2018

As far as fit and performance, these are wonderful shoes! My son really enjoys wearing them, and they’re feis-ready within days of taking them out of the box. He wears a size 2 in the Hullachan Jig Shoes, and a 1.5 in these, and has a normal width foot.
The one unfortunate thing about these Reel shoes is that they got holes in the toe area by a little after a month after he got them. So he put electrical tape over the holes and kept dancing. By 2 months there were holes on the sides and at the seams, too. His sister dances on the same surfaces as he does (and practices more

Maya, Bulgaria
7 June 2018

Our son was more than happy to receive your Hullachan Reels and after some months in action, now we can say that we also are happy to invest so wisely.
Wearing your Hullachan, our son won 6 first prices on the Prague feis 2 weeks ago.
So thank you for the quality job you are doing!
All the best,
Maya, mother of an 11-years old Bulgarian dancer smile

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Hullachan Boys Reel Sizing

Hullachan Boys Reel Sizing Guide

Please measure the length of your foot and refer to the guidelines below for what size to order.

If you require advice on how to do an accurate measurement then please visit our Foot Measuring Page for useful tips and assistance.

This guide is designed for the intermediate dancer. You may want to go a half size larger if you are a beginner.

The measurements given are for the foot length we recommend for each size and DOES NOT indicate the length of the reel shoe.

Please note that this is a guide and does not guarantee the correct fit. 

To use: Measure your foot and choose the closest size to that measurement. If your foot measurement is between lengths then adjust for your type of foot or preferred fit.
If you have a wide foot, then go up half a size. You can find some examples here.

Hullachan Boys Reel

Foot Measurement

11 185
11.5 191
12 198
12.5 200
13 202
13.5 205
1 210
1.5 215
2 221
2.5 226
3 232
3.5 236
4 241
4.5 244
5 248
5.5 252
6 256
6.5 261
7 266
7.5 269
8 272
8.5 276
9 280
9.5 284
10 287
10.5 291
11 TBC
12 TBC

Service was A1!

Meliisa - UK
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