Magik Wand Curlers

Magik Wand Curlers are back!


Product description

Magik Wand Curlers were all the rage years ago. Ask your dance teacher about them! Every dancer used them to curl their hair before wigs became the thing to wear.

Well, they are making a comeback! They have been relaunched as dancers are looking for a way to increase their hair volume before putting on their wig so that it sits higher and looks fuller on the head. Dancers also want a way to curl the exposed natural hair at the front of the wig. 

Magik Wand Curlers are perfect for that!

Each packet contains 32 wands.


Instructions For Use:

  • Wash & dry the hair as normal. For best results do not use on wet hair
  • Take a strand of hair and apply mousse or styling spray as required.
  • Wind the hair tightly around the wand until you reach the scalp
  • Twist the Wand at the keyhole end once and insert the thin point through the hole. Don't forget to pull the roller tight to keep in place.
  • Leave for a minimum of 6 hours but overnight is recommended.
  • The tightness of the curl will depend on the amount of hair around the Wand and the type of spray or mousse used.
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