The Feis Album (Volume 5) CD

By Anton & Sully


Product description

The latest album from Anton and Scully. Includes a new presentation track!



1. Reels (113) - Glasgow Reel, E to E Reel, The Happy Snowman

2. Reels (113) - Cumasc, Lauren's a Cracker, I Don't Think It Was That Great

3. Hornpipes (113) - Purple Sunrise, The Smell of the Bog, Across the Fence

4. Hornpipes (113) - Boys of Balinlough, Gan Anim, Flowing Tide

5. Slip Jigs (113) - Can you Hear Me, A Like for All, Studio2Stage

6. Slip Jigs (113) - Nancy's Letterbox, The Patient Grasshopper, But a Love for None

7. Heavy Jigs (73) - No Time For All, 2 Wee Beasts, Harmony Splurge

8. Heavy Jigs (73) - Princess of Geneva, Greenaghan Viaduct, Transmorgraphied


Beginner/Bun Grád

9. Beginner Reels (124) - Daybreak, Terry Teahan's, Pete Bradley's Polka

10. Beginner Slip Jigs (124) - Ellen O'Grady, Gan Anim

11. Single (Hop) Jigs (124) - Made in 17 Seconds, That'll Do Rightly, Sproggs 3

12.Light Jigs (116) - Gan Anim, Hickey's, Buttermilk Mary

13. Beginner Heavy Jigs (92) - The Tongs By The Fire, Munster Bacon, The Flying Wheelchair

14. Beginner Hornpipes (140) - The Wiley Old Bachelor, Fisher's Hornpipe

15.  VOL. 5 Presentation Track! - The Grower, A Travers La Vitre, Cassie's The White Butterfly

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