Irish Dancing in Germany

Find out the latest Irish dance news in Germany!

  • 15 January 2017
A report: Learning Irish Dance - just for one Ceili

learning irish dance - just for one ceili

  • 09 January 2017
Holidays in Germany

How did you celebrate the holidays?

  • 14 February 2016
Wig or no wig, that is the question

A short overview of how to get your hair curly w/o a wig

  • 18 January 2016
My Irish dance goals for 2016!

Anna's goals for 2016!

  • 23 November 2015
About frustration, Dangerous Games and christmas :-)

Irish Dance and christmas

  • 22 July 2015

When you are your own or your fellow dancers feis mom

  • 10 June 2015
Feis on Saturday - we are back in Germany

We did it smile It was a lot of fun smile

  • 14 May 2015
Anna Kolb joins our German Irish dance blog!

Find out more about our latest German blogger!

  • 12 March 2015
Ceili in the park

Dance, dance, wherever you may be.

  • 21 January 2015
The Mainland European Oireachtas

What can you do to brighten up your mood in the cold and dark months? Dance!

  • 30 September 2014
On the benefits or Irish Dance in everyday life

How life can change thanks to dancing

  • 08 September 2014
Get to know Janice!

Come and find our more about our new German Irish dance blogger!

  • 10 September 2013
Caitlin’s summer holiday

The story of little Caitlin or how Irish dancers spend their holidays

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