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  • Ally Gavigan:
  • 20 October 2021

RCCEA Oireachtas - Prolite

Competition Closed

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Congratulations on your AMAZING achievement. It takes focus, determination, and lots of hard work to place at the RCCEA Oireachtas and you did it!!

I hope you are proud of your success!

To help celebrate your achievement, we would love to offer you a free pair of the Hullachan boys reel shoe - the PROLITE.




We think you will love them!

The latest Prolite has the styling of a Capezio boys reel shoe but with added Hullachan performance. The Prolite uses Clever Insoles, the most advanced shock-absorbing insoles available to Irish dancers, to protect your joints and reduce fatigue from long training sessions. The Prolite also has a reinforced heel design for improved stability and precision when performing intricate and advanced footwork.

The Prolite has been designed from scratch to meet the physical demands of Irish dancing in 2021, allowing you to perform at your best and give 100% time after time, whether at your regular class or on the stage of the World Championships.

You will need to work out what size you will need before claiming your prize, so please measure your feet using the method below so you have your measurements ready!

Measuring Your Feet

1. Place a clear piece of A4 paper up against a wall so that the edge of the paper touches the wall.

2. Place your foot on the paper and put your heel up against the wall. (Double-check that the paper is still touching the wall once you have put your foot on it just in case it has moved).

3. Once you are happy that both the paper and your heel are against the wall, relax your foot and toes and draw a line at the longest point of the foot (or ask a friend or family member to do this for you.)

4. Step off the paper and take the paper and draw a straight line to the longest point and measure with a ruler.

5. Make sure to measure both your feet as they often have slightly different measurements **

Congratulations - you have your foot measurement!



To claim your free pair, please click on the link below and complete the form, so we can get your pair out to you as quickly as possible!


Compeition closes on April 30th 2022



Click Here To Claim Your Free Pair Of Hullachan Prolites!




Thank you so much. I can’t say enough as to how helpful all of you have been. This has been a great experience and I appreciate all the feedback and communication.

Pat - USA
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