Sizing Guides

Make it easier to get the right size!

We have a size guide for most of our jig shoes and pumps. Use this helpful guide to measure the length of the feet and then use the measurement to see what size we suggest.

You can find more useful information here to help determine what size to go for once you have a measurement.

Here is a full list of our size guides:


Loop Pump

Gazelle Pump

Eclipse Pump

Hullachan Pro 1

Hullachan Pro 2

Hullachan Pro 3

Hullachan Pro 4

Aoife Pump

Essential Pump




Jig Shoes

Antonio Pacelli Superflexi

Antonio Pacelli Ultraflexi

Antonio Pacelli Ultralites

Hullachan Ultralite

Fays Ultralite

Fays Black Suede Sole



Boys Reel

Hullachan Pro Lites

Capezio Boys Reel

'The shoes came to my house today. I saw them and I started to run everywhere and shout of happiness. I spent the whole day dancing with my new shoes. I wanted to thank you for making one of my dreams came true.'

Lila - Argentina
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