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Delivery Costs - UK and Europe 2022

Here is a guide to our delivery charges. 

You can use the weight bands below to calculate the cost of postage. A pair of jig shoes is about 0.7kg, a pair of pumps is around 0.15kg and a pair of socks is 0.05kg. However, an easier way to calculate the postage is to add the items needed to your basket and click checkout. You will be given the delivery charge before confirming your order or making the payment. 

Sending To The EU

If you are outside the UK then you will be liable for customs charges on your order. Once the parcel has reached your country you will be contacted by the customs office in your country with a request for payment for for any customs fees. Your parcel will not be delivered until this payment has been made.

Unfortunately we are unable to tell you what amount this would be as each country has different charges.

Fees usually are made up of a customs clearance fee, VAT and duty if applicable. Once the fee has been paid to your customs office the parcel will be delivered to you.

If you refuse to pay the fees then the parcel will be returned to us in 14-21 days. Once received your order will be refunded, less the postage charge and a £10 customs clearance admin fee, which is charged to us for the courier company organising the return back to us.

We want to make your delivery as smooth as possible so we send all parcels out on a tracked service. You will be emailed your tracking number which you can use to locate your parcel. The tracking number can also be found in the order section of your online account. Simple!


UK and Northern Ireland
0-0.5kg £3.50
0.5-5kg £4.50
5-30kg £6.00
Channel Islands
0-0.5kg £3.50
0.5-2kg £4.50
3-30kg £20


0-0.5kg £10.00
0.5-5kg £12.00
5-30kg £14.50
Europe Zone 1: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Poland
0-0.1kg £10.00
0.1-2kg £12.00
2-3kg £14.00
3-4kg £16.00
4-30kg £18.00
Europe Zone 2:  Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Luxembourg
0-1kg £10.00
1-2kg £12.00
2-3kg £22.00
3-4kg £24.00
4-30kg £26.00
Europe Zone 3: Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Norway, ,Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey
0-1kg £10.00
0.5-1kg £12.60
1-2kg £12.00
2-3kg £16.80
2-3kg £30.00
3-4kg £32.00
4-30kg £34.00
Europe Zone 4: Belarus, Bosnia, Cyprus, Serbia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monoco, 
0-0.5kg £12.50
0.5-1kg £16.00
1-1.5kg £21.00
1.5-2kg £25.00
2-3kg £45.00
3-4kg £50.00
4-5kg £55.00
5-10kg £65.00
10-30kg £95.00
Russia & Albania
*We recommend that you split your order into smaller orders under 2kg to reduce your postage costs and customs charges.*
0-1kg £10.00
1-2kg £12.00
2-3kg £45.00
3-4kg £50.00
4-5kg £55.00
5-6kg £59.00
6-7kg £62.00
7-8kg £64.00
8-9kg £67.00
9-10kg £69.00
10-30kg By Weight

*We recommend that you split your order into smaller orders under 2kg to reduce your postage costs and customs charges.*
0-0.5kg £12.50
0.5-1kg £16.00
1-1.5kg £21.00
1.5-2kg £25.00
2-4kg £54.00
4-6kg £61.00
5-30kg By Weight
Rest Of Europe
0-0.5kg £15.00
0.5-1kg £20.00
1-1.5kg £22.50
1.5-2kg £25.00




If you have any questions about delivery charges then please feel free to email us on We are more than happy to advise you.


We were happy to receive the parcel in such a short time! All shoes fit well. It was what we expected. Your customer service staff answered very politely! Thank for your service! Soon we are doing to make another order in your shop!

Tatiana - Russia
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