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  • Ally Gavigan:
  • 13 January 2021

Wide Feet? Shoes Too Tight?

New Wide Fitting Website!

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We know from Irish dancers that feet come in all shapes and sizes. That is why we offer dancers a range of pumps and jig shoes, so every dancer can get a style that suits their foot shape so they can dance at their best.

The Antonio Pacelli founder, Tom Gavigan, has recently relaunched his wide fitting shoes website, which specialises in footwear in wider fittings.

Wide Fitting Shoes UK

His new website has wide fitting shoes, boots, and sandals, in widths that you just can't buy on the high street,

People with wide feet can find it almost impossible to find comfortable shoes in the right width, and this just isn't right. Imagine walking around all day in shoes or boots that squeeze your toes or having to buy shoes that are too big to get the correct width!

Wide Feet

So if you have family members with wide feet, who struggle to get comfortable, supportive footwear, please do let them know there is help available! Everyone deserves happy feet!

Did you know that wide shoes come in a range of width fittings?

Widths are classified by the number of Es. We are not sure why this is, but the wider the fit, the greater the number of Es.

Wide shoes that you can buy on the high street are usually only an E fitting, and even Clark Shoes only goes up to EEE width fitting. However, the shoes available from Tom, via his website or shop go up to an amazing EEEEEEEE - yes 8xE!

Tom's range of wide fitting shoes goes from a single E fitting up to 8E, for customers who need shoes for serious foot conditions such as gout, hammertoes, bunions, and oedema. Those suffering from these conditions need lots of width and a deeper shoe, so their feet don't feel squeezed by the top of the shoe.

We want to show you a couple of his most popular wide fit shoes that his customers love, just in case, it reminds you of someone who might benefit from his help!

Extra Wide Safety Boots

Extra Wide Fit Safety Boots

Tom has the widest work boots in the UK. He gets them in from Australia for construction workers with really wide feet. What is extra special about these work boots is that the steel toe caps are broader and deeper than standard work boots so plenty of room for wide feet and bunions. They are also great for anyone with gout or hammertoes!

Extra Wide Steel Toe Caps For Wide Feet And Bunions


Wide Fitting Mary Jane Style Shoes Fitting Mary Jane Style Shoe BlackWide Fitting Velcro Close Ladies Shoe Black

The Mary Jane style never goes out of fashion and has been on trend since the 60's!

Tom has plenty of styles to choose from and again, in lots of different width fittings so you can get the perfect fit. A classic laid-back look for Spring and Summer!


Smart Wide Fit Lace-Ups For The Office And Nights Out Shoes - Shannon - Mens Wide Fitting Lace UpMen's Wide Fitting Brogue Shoe

Every guy needs a pair of smart lace-up shoes for the office or weekend dinners at fancy restaurants. 

However, it can be difficult to get lace-ups in a wide fitting, especially if you are looking for an extra-wide fitting to relieve pain caused by foot conditions such as gout. Tom has the answer! Classic lace-up shoes in a choice of widths. All the styles have excellent cushioning to give your feet support all day long..

Extra Wide Cosy Slippers For Days Around The House

Ladies Wide Fitting Slippers For Swollen FeetDB Extra WIde Fitting Slipper For Swollen FeetExtra Wide Fit Slipper

A pair of slippers is key to a lazy day around the house. Keeping feet warm and cosy is essential to a relaxing day at home. Getting comfy slippers in a wide fitting can be impossible on the high street, especially for those with swollen feet but Tom has the pair your feet have been longing for! All the styles are Velcro close making them easy to put on - it is essential to keep effort to a minimum when relaxing!


Help With Foot Conditions

Wide Fitting Shoes For BunionsWide Fitting Shoes For DiabeticsWide Fitting Shoes For GoutWide Fitting Shoes For HammertoesWide Fitting Shoes For Custom OrthoticsWide Fitting Shoes For Plantar FasciitisWide Fitting Shoes For Swollen Feet and Oedema

Tom has over 40 years of experience helping people with wide feet and severe foot problems and health conditions such as diabetes. He has set up his website so you can view shoes suitable for a particular condition.

So if you have diabetes for example, and need footwear with minimal seams and no rough edges, he has a dedicated wide fitting collection for diabetics you can view. He has similar wide fit collections for gout, bunions, hammertoes, oedema (foot swelling), and for those who need custom orthotics.



Exclusive Wideshoes Discount Code For Irish dancers and their families!

Wide Fitting Boots Shoes And Sandals

We are delighted to announce that Tom is offering all our lovely Irish dancers and their families 10% off any purchase until the 31st of March. You just need to use the discount code IRISHDANCER10 at the checkout!

So if you know anyone with wide feet, then help them out and give them Tom's website and our exclusive 10% discount code so they can make their feet happy!

Take care all!

I would like to express my gratitude to the sales department, for fast and high-quality work. We are very glad to cooperate with you. Thank you so much!!!

Yuliya - Russian Federation
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