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Premier Physiotherapists

Premier Physiotherapists

At Premier Physiotherapy we pride ourselves on having extensive expertise in manual therapy/ hands on treatments.

We take a progressive approach to patient recovery that also involves injury specific functional rehabilitation. This ensures a first class experience resulting in optimal recovery and complete satisfaction.

Premier Physiotherapy has a long association with Riverdance and more recently Take the Floor.

Roberto (the practice owner) travelled extensively with Riverdance, The Show, for three years as Medical officer. This entailed looking after the needs of the all the performers on the show. Following on from this he has been treating the injuries of the professional dancers in Dublin.Dance requires a large degree of lower limb strength and core stability. The repetitive nature of dance and the high forces being absorbed by the feet and lower limb particularly on landing movements leave dancers vulnerable to injury. Forces acting on the lower limb in dancers places immense stress on the muscles and joints.

Based in Dublin, Ireland

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Unit 3 Ballinteer Business Centre, Ballinteer Avenue, Dublin 16, Ireland
01 296 4964

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Jane - Northern Ireland
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