Jig Shoes

A great selection of Irish dancing jig shoes from Antonio Pacelli, Rutherford and Fays. Jig shoes can also called heavy shoes, hard shoes, treble shoes and even Riverdance shoes. So if you are looking for a pair of these you have come to the right place!

We have everything from the perfect beginner shoe to the latest styles such as the Ultraflexi Lite.

Not sure which jig shoe to go for?

Read one of our helpful Irish dance shoe guides.

Antonio Pacelli Superflexi

Superflexi Leather Sole - The perfect choice for dancers requiring a balance of support and flexibility. Recommended for young dancers or those new to dance.

From £53.99

Antonio Pacelli Ultraflexi

Black Suede Sole - For dancers who want a very flexible sole straight out of the box. Perfect for more experienced dancers who have a lot of toe walking in their routines.

From £59.99

Hullachan Jig Shoe

The new jig shoe from Hullachan Pro. Amazing levels of comfort and support!

From £124.99

Antonio Pacelli Ultralite

NEW black suede sole - the lightest jig shoe ever! Feel every step with instant flexibility on the first wear. Only suitable for very experienced dancers as this shoe is designed to be light, flexible and ultra responsive.

From £104.99

Fays Ultra Light Jig Shoe

The new light weight jig shoe from Fays. Soft calf leathers and no breaking in! Advanced Hi-Tech Heels. Recommended for more experienced dancers.

From £99.99

Fays Black Suede Sole Jig Shoes

Fays black suede sole jig shoe with Millenium tips and Hi-Density heels.

From £82.99

Rutherford Black Suede Sole

Black Suede Sole - Rutherfords best selling jig shoe with Sound Blaster Tips and Hy Tech Heels. A popular jig shoe from Rutherfords in the USA.

From £116.99

Antonio Pacelli Show Shoes

Capezio Metal Tips and Concorde Heels. For shows and exhibitions only. Not suitable for competitions. Available in a range of heel heights. Additional customisation available on request.

From £89.49

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