Dance Trainers

A fantastic range of dance trainers suitable for Irish dancing.

All of the dance trainers on offer here are split sole which allows you to point your toes. They also have non marking soles so you won't damage your dance floor and spin spots to make turning easier (this also takes the pressure off your knees). Most styles also have a square toe for toe walking - but do check this on the individual style before ordering.

Dance trainers are a great way to practise your Irish dancing outdoors without damaging your jig shoes or pumps.

They also look great and are really comfy!

Bloch Warm Up Booties

From £25.99

Keep your feet and ankles warm and flexible between competition dances!

Bloch Boost-Pink

From £47.99
Stand out from the crowd!

Bloch Boost-Orange

From £47.99
Stand out from the crowd!

Bloch Boost-Electric Blue

From £47.99
Stand out from the crowd!

Bloch Troupe

Available in All-Black or All-White

Bloch Criss Cross


Available with a range of colour accents!

Bloch Wave


Available in a range of bright colours!

Capezio Web

From £27.99

Great value and one of our best sellers!

Bloch Amalgam

From £33.99

Extremely light and flexible!

Capezio Freedom 2

From £21.50

Lightweight and flexible dance trainer with coloured soles!

Bloch Slipstream

From £30.50

Lightweight and flexible low profile sneaker.

Bloch Boost DRT

From £47.99

A classic dance sneaker. Offers great support and cushioning.

Capezio Daphnis


A feminine and stylish dance trainer with satin and patent uppers.

Capezio Jag

From £32.99

They look like dancing pumps!,

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