RNH Academy

RNH Academy



The Academy is the Worlds most comprehensive fitness and education platform for competitive Irish dancers.

Each course is divided into three training phases and covers extensively everything you need to know about training, nutrition and injury prevention. Each phase contains both practical and theory sections meaning each dancer will be learning about their training as they progress each week.

The aim of the fitness training is to take each dancer and turn them into a world-class athlete whilst educating each on the theory behind everything as they go. Each training phase finishes with a test before progressing to the next, finishing with the final Academy test.

Once graduated into the Academy you will join an elite group of dancers who will be recognised as having the key knowledge and fitness required to be one of the world’s leading Irish dancers, along with possessing the fitness levels of a professional athlete.

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RNH Academy, 2 Woodside, Seymour Hill, Belfast, BT179QZ

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