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  • Ally Gavigan:
  • 09 December 2013

3 Ways To Impress An Irish Dance Feis Judge

No matter what dance you're doing, no matter how good you are, here are 3 things you can do to impress any Irish dance Feis Adjudicator.

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1. Show Confidence

This sounds quite obvious, but most dancers overlook it's necessity by concentrating one what their steps are. Show how confident you are about your dance before, during and after you finish dancing by having your shoulders back, chin up, eyes up and just a general, 'I rock' manner. That sounds silly, but the dancers who don't do this are the ones who end up looking silly to a judge, or any audience for that matter. You can do some amazing moves, but if you aren't confident in your presentation it means nothing! Simply because it doesn't look like you do mean it.

2. Smile
This is one that is hard to master. Keeping a pleasant smile on your face throughout the whole dance may sound easy, but it is NOT! If you don't believe me, try it, you'll get to your second step and realize you're not smiling anymore. Either that or your smile will be a bit too enthusiastic, even painful looking. With some practice, though, having a pleasant smile on your face the whole dance will make your presentation ten times better. And not only will you be enjoying the dance, the judge will know you're enjoying yourself too!

3. Move Your Dance
Usually this isn't a problem for championship dancers. With a lot of practice you can learn to make your dance move from one side of the stage to the other with ease. The dancers who win are the ones who make their dance as big as it can be. Those who tend to stay planted in the same spot in the middle of the floor don't draw the judges' eyes in their direction. And it's important to pull a judges attention because 80% of the time you'll be dancing on the same stage as another dancer. If they're dancing circles around you, you won't have a chance! YOU be the one to dance circles around the other competitor and the judges will have their eyes on you!

Keep these things in mind next Feis you go too. I guarantee they will give you a very strong advantage over the other dancers in your competition.


12 December 2013

Thought these were good reminders. Thanks! x

18 December 2013

Also I add - make sure you wait at the side stage properly before you go on the stage. Look professional and ready to dance.

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