• Anna-Lena Kolb:
  • 15 January 2017

A report: Learning Irish Dance - just for one Ceili

learning irish dance - just for one ceili

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Dear readers, 

I have a great story for you: Our trainer always wanted to have a Ceili with four men at the World Championships. This year her dream might become true. I asked my husband to try Irish Dance so we can get a fourth man. He has danced ballroom and latin dance for years so I asked him to try something completely new - just for this single dance. 

Just to mention: He is over fourty years old and starting a new sport at this age is not so easy. For him this means more than just a dance. He cancelled a really important weekend with advanced trainings in ballroom and latin to have the time to fly to Ireland to the worlds this year. Last Monday he had his first training. Skips were his first steps. Dancing without a partner, without moving arms arms and without moving a chest was really difficult for him. But after 90 minutes of hard work he did his first (very well) skips forward and to the back. He had muscle soreness the next day but he had fun. The figures in the Ceili won´t be a problem for him, because he danced formation dancing, too, so it is a bit familiar.

I am so proud of him! I want to tell you all about his progress and story in the next weeks for the worlds. This will be exciting. 

When did you start Irish Dance? Anyone here, who also started late?

All the best, love and snowy hugs from Germany <3



Tiffany, London - UK
17 January 2017

Good luck Anna!

I tried to get my husband to join my adult class but he only lasted a few classes. He doesn't have the patience to learn - he thought he would be Michael Flatley after two classes..

Sounds like your fella will have more success!

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