• Carolyn Green-Sullivan ADCRG:
  • 25 April 2017

Aussie results from the 2017 CLRG World Irish Dancing Championships.

Congratualtions to all Australian dancers who competed at this year's CLRG World Irish Dancing Championships.

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Here is a summary the Australian dancers who recalled at this year’s CLRG World Irish Dancing Championships in Dublin.  I have tried to include solo results of those who are currently residing overseas and competed under OS dance schools.  Apologies if I have missed anyone. 

Under 11 Girls

28th Maeve Wilkinson, O'Connor VIC

Under 12 Boys
World Medal: 11th Thomas Doherty, Scoil Rince Kilmurray VIC

13th Ethan Hewitt, O'Connor VIC


Under 12 Girls

29th Trinity Woelms, Walton NSW


Under 13 Boys
World Medal: 10th Riley Miszkurka-Morrison, Carey Academy England/Wales

14th Conor Haigh, Cosgriff VIC

26th Dante Holdsworth, Cocker QLD


Under 13 Girls

36th Sinead Daly, Keady-Upton WA

37th Jade Ryan, Keady-Upton WA


Under 14 Boys

26th Lachlan Ball, Christine Ayres VIC

29th Liam McWeeney, Walton NSW

30th Isaac Loxley, Scoil Ard Rince QLD


Under 14 Girls
World Medal: 18th Alana Curran-Jones, Halloran NSW

40th Bridie Lobb, Scoil Rince Kilmurray VIC


Under 15 Boys
World Medal & Globe: 2nd Liam Costello, Scoil Rince Creer NSW

26th Jonathan Shaw, Shaw Academy QLD


Under 16 Boys

26th Elliot Sutton, McBrearty NSW


Under 16 Girls
World Medal: 17th Meg Toland, Miller SA

48th Danae Moore, FGMA NSW


Under 18 Men
World Medal: 9th Luke Chaumont, Walton NSW

10th Callum McGregor, Cosgriff VIC


Under 19 Men
World Medal: 6th Jonty Moore, FGMA NSW
                      & 9th Kieran Bryant, Halloran NSW

12th Jeremiah Oliveri, Keady-Upton WA


Under 19 Ladies
World Medal: 12th Dakota Courtney, O'Brien WA
                      & 13th Maggie Devine, Mulvenna Academy Eire

32nd Catherine Back, Liz Gregory Academy ACT


Under 20 Men
World Medal: 6th Nick Meimaris, Crocker QLD


Under 20 Ladies
World Medal: 9th Zoe Toland, Miller SA
                    & 13th Sarah Robinson, McBrearty NSW
                    & 14th Dara McAleer, The Academy USA

26th Chloe Peirce, Scoil Ard Rince QLD

46th McKenzie Cox, Eire Dance Australia QLD


Under 21 Men
World Medal: 6th Kieran Ayres, Christine Ayres VIC


Under 21 Ladies
World Medal: 4th Natalie O'Connor, Dwyer-Whelan NSW
                      & 7th Carrie Vaughey,  Aaron Crosbie England
                    & 11th Adele McEleavey, Carson-Kennedy Academy Eire

19th Alexandra LaSala, Melburne Academy, VIC

25th Xartiese Holdsworth, Crocker QLD

28th Alanna Chaumont, Walton NSW

Senior Men
World Medal & Globe: 3rd Conor Simpson, Simpson ACT

17th Tom Hughes, Carson-Kennedy Academy Eire


Senior Ladies
World Medal: 14th Sarah Cornell-Farrow, Miller SA

41st Elizabeth Lynch, Christine Ayres, VIC


Under 19 Girls Ceili

23rd Cosgriff VIC


Senior Ladies Ceili Over 19
World Medal: 6th Cosgriff VIC

23rd Scoil Ard Rince QLD




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