• Adrian - Antonio Pacelli Staff:
  • 14 October 2015

Hullachan Boys Reel Trade In Offer

Get £20 off your Hullachan Boys Reel shoes!

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Do you have old pairs of Capezio boys reel lying around the house?
If the answer is yes then why not use an old pair to get £20 off a pair of brand new Hullachan boys reel shoes?
Yes those old Capezio shoes are worth £20 when you trade them in!


How it works!

If you are visiting our store in Wembley then bring an old pair of Capezio boys reels with you and we will give you £20 off your new pair of Hullachan boys reel right there and then.

If you usually purchase via the website then order your pair of new Hullachans boys reel online and once you receive them simply post back an old pair of your Capezio boys reels to us with a copy of your Hullachan boys reel delivery note. Once we receive them we will put a £20 refund back on the card you used for your purchase. Its as simple as that!


You can only trade in one pair of Capezio Reel per order of Hullachan Boys reels.

Shoes can be in any condition.

You are responsible for the postage cost of returing your old Capezio boys reels to us.

In the event of a return or refund of your Hullachan reels you will only be refunded the discounted price. No refund would be made for any Capezio reel shoes sent to us.

Offer ends: 31st December 2015

Hullachan Boys Reels Features


Concorde Lite Heels

The Hullachanboys reel shoe will be fitted with the Concorde Lite heels. The Concorde Lite heel is made from the same material as our standard Concorde heel but is so much lighter!  We have sound tested the new heel and despite being lighter than our standard Concorde heel it actually generates a louder sound! 

These heels are great if you are:

- a dancer who is technically very good but have a lighter build than other dancers in your age group. You can now generate the same sound with much less effort helping reduce any disadvantage you may have due to your size.

- a dancer who needs to get more height when jumping. Everytime you jump you are lifting the heels on your jig shoes, with Concorde Lite heels you have less pulling you back down to the ground!

- a dancer who gets tired making full use of a large stage during competitions or performances. Making sure you show the adjudicators that you understand the importance of filling a stage can be tiring, especially if you strugle with fitness levels or a smaller dancer. Now you can dance across even the  biggest stage while maintaining your dancing technique.

We have fitted the Concorde Lite heels to the new boys reel shoe as well to create a much more balanced shoe than our current Capezio model. This will give all the above benefits as well as removing the chance of the heels tearing away from the upper due to their weight.

Clever Insoles

The Clever Insoles are in all the new Hullachan Reel.

These insoles are a mix of two materials - one layer has been designed to absorb shock and protect your joints, the other is a comfort layer so you feel your feet are cushioned and happy!

We have topped these off with a layer of red Camberel which is a wick away material to keep your feet cool and dry.

Strong Leathers

If you visited us our shop in London you may have seen our leather display board, where we demonstrate how we use different leathers for different models and parts of the shoe It is very important to get the right leather for the right job!

The new Hullachan boys reel shoe has been strengthed to make it more comfortable and also more durable. So reduced changes of heel tears due to mis-timed clicks! 

Perforated Black Suede Soles

The new Hullachan Boys Reel shoe has a perforated black suede sole rather than a unflexible rubber sole. This allows male dancers much greater control and contact with the floor, as well as allowing a much clean point when dancing.

*the sole of the boys reel shoe is completely black we have just make it white here to showcase the suede sole!


Hullachan Boys Reel

Checkout was very easy even though I am ordering from the United States. Charts for sizes were very helpful. Cannot wait to get the shoes!

Kiki D
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