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  • Feis Dad:
  • 14 August 2015

If Dr. Seuss was a Feis Dad

If your dancer is like mine, they will dance anywhere. I warn mine all the time to be safe, and if I was Dr. Seuss, it might go something like this...

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I have a girl chid,
I call TGC,
she'd dance anywhere,
if it was not for me.

I want her to dance,
it is lovely to see,
but I want her to be safe,
she must listen to me.

She'd dance in the dining room,
she'd dance on the table,
she'd dance on the chairs,
if I said she was able.

She'd dance in the kitchen,
she'd dance all the while,
but its not safe to do that,
in socks on that tile.

She'd dance in the family room,
with its carpet and couch,
and a glass coffee table,
that could cause a big ouch.

She'd dance in the bathroom,
she'd stay in there for hours,
I do not want her to do that,
dance while she showers.

She'd dance in her bedroom,
her bedroom upstairs,
but that rattles the ceiling,
shakes walls and moves chairs.

She'd dance in the garage,
with the cars and the tools,
on that oily floor,
that's a dance made for fools.

She'd dance in the backyard,
morning dew on the grass,
but if she did that,
she'd fall on her... bottom.

So here's what she can do,
she can go to the floor,
designed for that purpose,
behind the studio door.

Put on her dance shoes,
And turn on the beat,
and do what she does best,
make art with her feet.

'For me this experience was as straightforward and as simple as one could have hoped for. '

Josh - UK
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