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  • Ally Gavigan:
  • 22 May 2014

So the Worlds are over..

Dancing up a storm

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So, the Worlds are over and I've finally come down from the rafters.  My ceili team didn't make the cut, but we tried our best, enjoyed participating and it's made me all the more determined to try even harder to qualify for solos next year. 

The whole experience was totally amazing and I feel really inspired!  

It was also great to meet new people, especially my friends from Antonio Pacelli.  It's always nice to put names to faces.

If, however, you're feeling a bit flat after all the excitement,  why not get creative with digital art packages? 

You may not have a photo of you receiving a globe at the worlds to hang on your wall (boo) but you can always spruce up a regular photo and make it look spectacular (yay)! 

I love taking photos of Irish dancing wherever I visit and then playing around with the colours, the mood and the finish.  

I managed to persuade my sister to photograph me dancing in a supermarket aisle recently, but my Mum wasn't impressed, so instead I have included a photo taken recently at my cousin's Holy Communion party.  It was a gorgeous day, and not a cloud in sight but I fancied dancing up a storm so I changed the photo to reflect that just for fun!  This one was created using Galaxy Space Effects, but I also really like Sketch Guru too.

I'm gearing up for a feis in Oxford this weekend where I will be dancing my new set dance for the first time.  I'm really looking forward to it and can't wait to meet up with my friends. 

Fingers crossed my mind doesn't go blank in the middle of it.  Wish me luck!


7 July 2014

How did the new set dance go?

My daughter and I really enjoy your blog smile

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