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  • 05 March 2015

The 7 Stages of Purchasing Your First Solo Dress

Typically, 'The 7 Stages' are associated with something completely different, but do they remind you of anything else?

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Typically, 'The 7 Stages' are associated with something completely different, but I have come to find, that they are the exact same stages of purchasing your first, and subsequent solo dresses. Don't believe me? Read on and see for yourself.

The 7 Stages of Purchasing a Solo Dress

Shock or Disbelief

When you see the price tag for the dress, especially if you go for a new creation right from the start. Take some advice, go used to help ease you into the process. There will still be disbelief, but it may not be quite as shocking.


You tell yourself that you don't need it and aren't going to buy it, 'she doesn't really need it, she can dance in a school dress right up to OC, right?' No, no she can't.


Realizing that if you are going to make your child happy, and want what is best for her, you are going to have to give in. This does not make you happy, and could very well make you angry. Please note this stage is more prevalent in the male parent of the feis couple that spawned the offspring needing this damn dress.


There are two types of bargaining, first with your girl child. 'can you work with a used dress?' and 'does it have to be a Gavin?' and so on. When you realize the answers to those two questions are 'no' and 'yes', you slide back into the previous stage temporarily, and proceed to the second type of bargaining, whatever you can work out with the dress maker. Good luck there, be ready for another visit to Stage 3.


You have decided, and put down the deposit. This money could pay the mortgage next month, a semester at community college, a really, really great party, but no, that is not where it is going. 'But there are other things I should spend it on', guilt sets in.


The money is gone, the dress is paid in full, and yet, you do not have it. 'It is almost done', or, 'it is in the mail'. In the meantime, your dancer asks you every 10 minutes if you have heard any news. There is no news, there is only a dark cloud named Gavin (or insert other dressmakers name) hanging over your head.

Acceptance and Hope

And then, it arrives, There are shrieks of joy as you unpack the dress. She tries it on, it is perfect. She cries, you cry. You can't believe that you didn't do this sooner, and just know that this is the beginning of a new chapter in your Irish Dance life. Life is good.


5 March 2015

We have had two Gavin dresses (albeit pre-loved). Absolutely love these designs. Just wish my daughter didn't grow so quickly so we could enjoy them for longer. One day we hope to get a new one made for her.

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