• Ally Gavigan:
  • 26 October 2015

The History of Irish Dancing

Key Dates In the History of Irish Dance

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1740s: Dance Masters travelled through Ireland teaching Irish dancing.

1880s: Introductory steps for St. Patrick's day was composed - documented later in 1914.

1898: First Irish dancing competition 'Feis' Macroom West Cork.

1897: London hosts the first ever Ceili.

1902: 1st list of Irish figure dances published by the London Gaelic League.

1930: Irish dancing An Comisiúm established to preserve and promote Irish dancing.

1932: 1st list of Irish dance teachers published - which were exclusively teachers from Ireland.

1943: 1st exam for Irish dance teachers (TCRG) introduced.

1948: First teacher from Liverpool registered - first in England.

1952: Geraldine O'Shea Ryan sails from Australia to Ireland to sit the TCRG.

1954: 1st American Irish dance teachers accredited.

1969: An Comhdhail becomes a seperate Irish dance organisation.

1970: 1st An Comisúm World Championships in Dublin.

1982: CRN organisation established by group of 12 teachers.

1994: Eurovision song contest features Michael Flatley and Jean Butler.

1994: Riverdance the show is created and performed.

1996: Lord of the Dance debuts.

1999: Dancing on Dangerous Ground debuts.

2000: The An  Comisiúm World Championships head outsie the Republic of Ireland for the first time - held in Belfast.

2008: 1st Mexican citizen qualified as TCRG.

2009: An Comisiúm Worlds Championships head to the USA for the first time.

2012: 1st Russian citizen qualifies as TCRG.

2015: An Comisiúm World Championships held in Montreal, Canada, for the first time.

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