• Adrian - Antonio Pacelli Staff:
  • 01 June 2017

The Perfect Toe Spring

What is a balanced toe spring?

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The Hullachan Ultra Lites shoes are the only jig shoes which have a balanced toe spring. This means the Hullachan Ultra Lites have been designed to allow a large tip to be attached to the front of the shoe, without affecting the shape or balance of the shoe.
Other brands, like Fays, Rutherfords, Feis Fayre, Antonio Pacelli and others don’t take this into consideration. Therefore you get a gap between the sole and the surface, so when you put your foot into the shoe the sole sinks onto the surface and then the toe pushes up creating creasing at the front of the toe and gaping around the ankles. Please see the image below depicting the different parts of a last, which most shoes are formed around.

However, Hullachans Ultra Lites have a specially designed toe spring so you do not get these problems.



Hullachan Ulta Lite Jig Shoe

As you can see from the two images below, the sole rests on the surface allowing for a better balance.


Other jig shoes

As you can see from these images, the soles of these jig shoes do not rest on the surface. Making the shoe more unbalanced.



Hullachan – On the foot

When the Hullachan is on the foot the toe pitch does not change, so you don’t get gaping around the ankle or front of the shoe.



Other Jig Shoes – On the foot

When wearing other jig shoes, the toe spring changes creating gaping around the ankle and the front of the shoe. As the 3 green circles indicate. 





What is the difference in the toe spring?

As you can see is no difference between the other jig shoes and the Hullachan Ultra Lite when wearing them. 


Why does the Hullachan look funny?

It looks funny because the toe sticks up a little more when not on the foot. Though this is one of the features of the Hullachan Jig shoe, which means you don’t get any gaping around the instep or ankle. Therefore it fits better on the foot, feels more balanced and secure than other jig shoes.








You wouldn’t wear a pair of wedges to run a race, even though they look more beautiful, you would wear a pair of running trainers. Likewise Hullachan Pro feels it's important that you perform to your best and to do that you need the correct footwear to do it.



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