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  • Ally Gavigan:
  • 23 April 2015

Top 5 Dumbest Reactions I Get When I Tell Someone I’m An Irish Dancer

Whenever I tell someone new that I’m an Irish dancer, it’s always interesting to observe the kind of reaction I get.

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Most people will think it’s cool, some will even ask to be invited to a show. Every now and then, however, the reactions I get are a little dumb, sometimes even rude.

I’ve learned that once in a while you’ll come across people who see Irish dancing as more of a joke than a respected dance form. It’s those people who make some Irish dancers a little nervous about telling others what they do. To be sure, anyone who makes fun of Irish dance has never actually witnessed first hand what an Irish dancer can do, let alone tried to accomplish it themselves.

So, I thought it would be fun to make a list of the top five dumbest reactions I get when I tell someone I’m an Irish dancer.

“I’m an Irish dancer…”

5: “That’s cool… so do you think it will rain today?”

This is the reaction I’ll get more than any other. I’ll tell someone I’m an Irish dancer and they change the subject very quickly. You’d think sharing the fact that you Irish dance would be some sort of conversation starter, but for some reason they’ve decided it’s not interesting at all, or perhaps they weren’t actually listening. Either way, a really bad reaction.

4: “Why do you do that?”

The very question implies that you can’t understand why someone would want to do something like Irish dance. The fact that you asked me shows you know nothing about Irish dance and therefore have given me the annoying task of convincing you that what I do is not a joke.

3: “So… you’re a leprechaun?”

Could you be more cliche? Are you actually using the idea of Ireland being associated with leprechauns to make fun of me? This type of reaction is so dumb I can hardly muster any respect for the person afterward.

2: *silence*

This reaction is much like the change of subject, but even worse. I’ll say I’m an Irish dancer and they’ll say nothing at all, often they’ll turn to someone else and start a new conversation, ending the one they were having with me. So weird! I really can’t explain this reaction, but it’s definitely the one I dislike more than any other.

1: “Like this?” *starts shuffling their feet and kicking in every direction, in an attempt to imitate Michael Flatley*

This has to be the most entertaining reaction, but at the same time the absolute dumbest one. Do you really think it’s wise to show someone who’s an expert in Irish dance a pathetic attempt to imitate them?

What’s the dumbest reaction you’ve ever received?

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