• Janice:
  • 14 February 2016

Wig or no wig, that is the question

A short overview of how to get your hair curly w/o a wig

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When you step into Irish Dancing one of the first things you notice is that we like our hair curly. If it is for competetitions, for shows or just for the fun of it, we love the livelyness the locks give us.

What I recall from all the documentations about Irish Dance that I have seen in the last years, the curly hair has its origin in the Sunday best that was worn to church and unavoidably afterwards for dancing. To achieve this, the poor girls had to sleep with uncomfortable curlers in ther hair which is one reason people were quite eager to use wigs at some point. The wigs have grown in popularity ever since and nowadays come in all shapes and sizes.

Somehow my fellow dancers and me, we have always been a bit sceptic about the wigs and reluctant to use them. Instead we love to curl our hair on our own. How we do this? Well, here are some examples:

1. Braids

Braid your hair the evening before the feis and you have nice curly hair the next morning.

2. Curling mousse

For those with naturally curly hair that just needs a little bit of encouragement to look splendid. The mousse is worked through damp hair which is then air or blow dryed. To freshen up, the mousse can be applied to dry hair, too.

3. Felixible curling rods

Also called bendy hair rollers. They are soft on the outside and have a metal core so they can be rolled and stay in place. The donwside is wearing them at night is so not comfy. Trying to find a comfortable sleeping position with these, you understand why girls opt for wigs instead. grin

Fun fact: They are called Schlangenwickler (snake rollers) in German. We also use a word of french origin for these: Papilotte.

4. Soft spike curlers

They are foam rolles that have an eyelet at the end where you “thread” the roller and all just stays in place and your head is full of colorful spikes. I've seen these girls who wear wigs use them aswell for the hair close to their ears. They are very easy to use and okay to sleep in.

But beware, when you have your head full of spiky curlers and a non-dancing friend rings at the door bell, he or she might recoil at the sight of you. Also, when you are in a hotel and had your hair done by your friends, you can practise your stealth by returning to your hotel room without beeing seen by anyone. tongue laugh

5. Curling iron

The benefit of using a curling iron: You don't need to sleep with strange things in your hair. On the donwside, you have to spend some time in the morning to prepare your hair. And, I'll just put this down as a pro, using the curling iron is a good muscle workout for your arms.

6. ...

Well, if it's all too much, just cut it.


My shoes arrived on Monday after being repaired by you, so thank you very much for your super work wink They are as good as new.

Eva, Hungary
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