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Ultralites - Liberty Tips and Concorde Lite Heels

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Available in adults and childrens sizes

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Product description

Please note the wide fitting is only available from size 13 to size 7.  

Summary of Features

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Light leather uppers
  • Very flexible black suede sole
  • Very easy to break in
  • No toe puff so great low profile look from the side
  • Poron padding in the heel for cushioning and protection.
  • Concorde Lite heels

The Antonio Pacelli Ultralite has a soft lightweight upper which makes it the lightest jig shoe on the market.

However it is not just the leather that makes them so light. We have redesigned our Concorde heel to the Concorde Lite heel so it is much lighter while keeping the same amazing sound that dancers expect from the Concorde heel.

There is also no 'toe puff' at the toe which creates a much lower profile when seen from the side which helps accentuate the toe when pointing.

The thinner leather upper means there is absolutely no breaking in time, no blisters and no waiting for the sole to soften.

This shoe is proving extremely popular with Open Championship Irish dancers.

Due to the lightweight nature of this jig shoe we do not recommend it for less experienced dancers or those who require more support.

Due to the lightweight nature of these jig shoes they will not last as long as our other models as they have been designed to be extremely lightweight, flexible and responsive to the dancer. You should be expecting to replace these every 6 months, or even sooner if you are very hard wearing on shoes. Unfortunately this is the compromise for having such a light weight, flexible shoe. If you want a more durable model but still flexible out of the box then we would recommend the Ultraflexi jig shoe.

Tips and Heels


The Ultralite jig shoe is only available with Liberty Tips and Concorde Lite Heels.

The Liberty tips are an Open/Championship level tip and are worn by many of the world's top dancers.

They are made from a mixture of high performance materials, all tightly compressed together to create a very compact, dense material.

The sound of the Liberty tip is a clear, crisp sound with a high resonance which is unique to the Liberty tip. It produces a higher frequency than our Concorde tip and the Liberty tip is often described as a 'gun shot' due to its sharp sound on impact.

All of our tips have a large 'Toe Stand' square at the front to make toe walking and getting on your toes easier.


The Concorde Lite heel is the latest innovation from Antonio Pacelli. It is much lighter than our standard Concorde heel but gives the same outstanding performance and sound.

It is an Open/Championship level heel made from the same composite materials as our Concorde Tips,  which is a mix of several ingredients, all tightly compressed together to create a very high density material.

The Concorde Lite heel also has a curve on the inside of the heel to improve the accuracy of heel clicks and ensure a nice 'shot gun' sound when clicked.

Click here for the Ultralite Sizing Guide

Also available with White Straps click here


Louise K
23 January 2014

Amazing. My daughter LOVES them. They are so light! I have seen these on other top dancers before didn’t know where to get them online. Definitely recommend!

Michael Reegan
13 March 2014

I love them. They are so much lighter than my current pair of Rutherfords. My heel clicks sounds great even though the heel feels really light.

Gaby Mihelich
28 March 2014

Thanks so much. They look beautiful. I can’t wait for my daughter to see them she will be so surprised.

23 March 2016

These shoes are simply fantastic! Though it took about 2 months to get accustumed to their weight after my previous ones (Ultraflexi with Ulster tips and heels which were perfect for a primary dancer), I just love them! They have incredible and loud sound, the clicks are great. Competing alone in a huge sport hall, my teacher and my parents were able to hear every single step I made! Thank you!

Joshua Ruddock, Senior Men’s World Champion 2016
2 September 2016

I came to your Wembley Store to purchase a new pair of heavy shoes and ended up buying the Ultralite Heavy Shoes. I wore them on stage at the World’s 3 weeks later. Never in my Irish dancing career have I been able to get heavy shoes stage ready in such a short amount of time with such little pain. The soft leather made them really easy to control my whole foot and had very little resistance when arching. The Liberty tips and Concorde heels also made for a really loud, crisp sound on the stage. Needless to say, they were effective, and definitely helped me in achieving the Senior Men’s World title this year in Glasgow.

Aine Murphy- Belfast
2 May 2017

I absolutely love these shoes!

The best pair of jig shoes I have ever had on my feet.  I usually take a couple of months to break in heavy shoes and be able to complete toe stands but with these shoes I literally had them on my feet twice and I was able to get up.

Both myself and my dancing teacher were in shock as I really feared that I wouldn’t have them broken in on time.

They are very comfortable shoes which take to the shape of your feet, this makes them feel very secure.

The sound from the tips and heels is second to none. Although they have stretched slightly due to the leather used they don’t feel that they are too big or anything.

The dual layer insole is great as it absorbs the shock when dancing.  They are lovely to dance in and feel very light on my feet.

I really wish I could have tried these shoes sooner than I did as they really are the best pair of jig shoes I have put on.  I will certainly be recommending these to anyone!

Aine - Belfast

Maureen Dawson
3 May 2017

We are thrilled with the Ultra-Lite shoes!  I bought them for both of my daughters (aged 9 and 6 and both open championship dancers) and will never buy another brand!

The sound from the heels and tips is far superior to any jig shoes we have had previously, we can really notice the difference.

The girls have found them to be extremely comfortable and needed no ‘breaking in’ as the leather is so soft and they have commented that they feel much lighter and less cumbersome than their previous shoes.

In fact, the girls dancing teacher commented at class on Tuesday evening that going forward, if anyone is buying new jig shoes, they should buy the Ultra-Lite as when the dancers point their toes in their jig shoes, the Ultra-Lite gives a beautifully shaped point. 

Thanks so much – we will certainly be buying them again!

Maureen - UK

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Size Guide

Antonio Pacelli Ultralite Sizing Guide

Please measure the length of your foot and refer to the guidelines below for what size to order.

If you require advice on how to do an accurate measurement then please visit our Foot Measuring Page for useful tips and assistance.

This guide is designed for the intermediate dancer. You may want to go a half size larger if you are a beginner.

The measurements given are for the foot length we recommend for each size and DOES NOT indicate the length of the jig shoe.

Please note that this is a guide and does not guarantee the correct fit. 

To use: Measure your foot and choose the closest size to that measurement. If your foot measurement is between lengths then adjust for your type of foot or preferred fit.
If you have a wide foot then go up half a size. You can find some examples here.

**We recommend that the Ultralite should be fitted extremely snuggly so we would suggest going for the smaller size if choosing between two sizes.**


Foot Measurement

10 178
10.5 181
11 183
11.5 189
12 196
12.5 200
13 205
13.5 208
1 211
1.5 215
2 217
2.5 219
3 223
3.5 226
4 232
4.5 237
5 242
5.5 245
6 249
6.5 253
7 257
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I would like to express my gratitude to the sales department, for fast and high-quality work. We are very glad to cooperate with you. Thank you so much!!!

Yuliya - Russian Federation
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