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Superflexi - Leinster

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Childrens: 9,9.5

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Available in adults and childrens sizes

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Product description

Summary Of Features
  • Supportive leather sole
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Leather uppers
  • Comfort heel
  • Poron shock absorbing insoles
  • Recommended for dancers recovering from injuries

The Antonio Pacelli Superflexi jig shoe has a leather sole and high quality leather uppers.

The Superflexi is the perfect choice for dancers with weak arches or those requiring a lot of support due to a recent injury, as the leather sole supports the arch and structure of the foot.

Over time the leather sole will become more flexible. This process is known as 'breaking in', resulting in a pair of amazingly comfortable jig shoes with soles which are both flexible and supportive.

As the sole requires time to 'break in' we advise dancers who want to go on their toes straight away to purchase our Ultraflexi jig shoe. The Ultraflexi has a black suede sole which offers more flexibility when new.

The Superflexi comes with a U-shaped heel stiffener, so the top edge of the back of the shoe which rests against your achilles tendon is softer, reducing the possibility of blisters and irritation when new.

All Superflexi jig shoes have a Poron insole, a medical grade material with excellent shock absorbing properties that reduces the impact on the joints of the foot and lower body when dancing.

Other features of the Superflexi include a high grade strap and easy open/close buckles - important when you need to quickly change from soft to hard shoes during competitions!

All tips now have a large squared front for extra balance during toe stands and toe walks.

Please note that our sizing is UK sizing.

* Please note the wide fitting has being discontinued. If your size is not available then please check out our Ultraflexi which is available in a wide fitting. *

Tips and Heels

These Superflexi hard shoes come fitted with Leinster Tips and Leinster Heels.


These are beginner/intermediate level tips and perfect for those new to Irish dance or who are not competing at a senior level.

They are made from highly compressed materials to create a tip which offers a bright clear tone.

All of our tips have a large 'Toe Stand' square at the front to make toe walking and getting on your toes easier. 


The Leinster heel is a hard wearing polymer heel. The heel is light and easy to dance in and produces a satisfying sound when clicked.

Click here for more info about the Superflexi width fitting options

Please note that from size 8.5 upwards the Leinster heel shape is different to the photographs above. It is not a straight block heel but slightly tapers inwards on both side so the heels gets slightly narrower towards the floor.

Click here for the Superflexi Sizing Guide


Wendy, Newfoundland, Canada
3 August 2015

They fit like a glove, and look beautiful on her foot.  So I wanted to thank you for the quick service and beautiful product

M Tierney, Glasgow
24 January 2017

I would like to commend you on the service I received from yourselves.I ordered a pair of dance shoes for my granddaughter for Xmas but as it was a surprise I took the size from a pair of trainers she had left at our house . When she opened them on Xmas day she was thrilled and tried them on, it was only later that she told her mum that they were a bit tight. I contacted yourselves and was told to return them for replacement and from sending them back to the replacements arriving was only 5 working days. You have made a little girl very happy and I thank you once again
Yours gratefully  

20 March 2017

Great service, fast delivery and beautiful shoes as described!

Kirsty, Manchester
5 November 2018

These are my daughters first pair of hard shoes and she loves them! Other Mums from her dance school recommended we go for these, they said they are the best beginner shoe and I can see why, they are great!

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Size Guide

Superflexi Sizing Guide

Please measure the length of your foot and refer to the guidelines below for what size to order.

If you require advice on how to do an accurate measurement then please visit our Foot Measuring Page for useful tips and assistance.

This guide is designed for the intermediate dancer. You may want to go a half size larger if you are a beginner.

The measurements given are for the foot length we recommend for each size and DOES NOT indicate the length of the jig shoe.

Please note that this is a guide and does not guarantee the correct fit. 

To use: Measure your foot and choose the closest size to that measurement. If your foot measurement is between lengths then adjust for your type of foot or preferred fit.
If you have a wide foot, then go for the same size but choose the wide fit option. If your foot is extra wide or you prefer a comfort fit then choose the wide fitting and go up half a size. You can find some examples here.

Superflexi Size

Foot Measurement

9 (Wide Fit Only) 170
9.5 (Wide Fit Only) 172
10 175
10.5 178
11 180
11.5 186
12 193
12.5 197
13 202
13.5 205
1 208
1.5 212
2 214
2.5 216
3 220
3.5 223
4 229
4.5 234
5 239
5.5 242
6 246
6.5 250
7 254
7.5 262
8 265
8.5 268
9 273
9.5 278
10 282
10.5 285
11 291
12 300
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My little girl absolutely loves her Irish dancing shoes, they are perfect and the fact they come from near her granny and we live in Australia amazes her.

Debi - Australia
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