Understanding Jig Shoe Width Fittings

Some of our jig shoes come in two fittings, a standard and a wide fit.

As you can see from the image below the main difference is the toe shape, with the wider fit having a rounder toe front to accomodate a wider front foot. The difference is not huge but can stop toes feeling pinched together. Apart from the front area the rest of the shoe is the same. 


Another point to bear in mind is that some styles and brands are naturally wider and more accomodating than others. For example the Fay brand is quite well known for suiting a narrow foot better.

Jig shoes which suit narrow feet

Fays Black Suede Sole JIg Shoe

Fays Ultra Lite Jig Shoe  *Only recommended for advanced dancers due to the flexible nature of this shoe.

Jig shoes for wider feet

Superflexi - Wide Fit  *A great beginner shoe which offers excellent durability and support

Ultraflexi - Wide Fit  *A black suede sole jig shoe available in a choice of tips and heels to suit all levels


If you are in London you are always welcome to visit our Irish dance shop which has all the shoes shown on the website and we can offer you a professional fitting.

I just wanted to drop u a line and say a huge thank you for all the help you gave me last week, getting my daughters shoes exchanged and sent back out. They arrived on Thurs and she competed on sat with fab results, thank you soooo much to everyone who helped. You were all so helpful and yourselves and your service is fantastic.

Mandie - Bristol, UK
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