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Antonio Pacelli Show Shoes

Our Ultraflexi jig shoe with Capezio Metal tips, a half rubber sole and our Concorde Lite heels.

These shoes are not suitable for competitive dancing and are solely designed for show dancers and exhibition work.

The metal tips are excellent for microphone pick ups or where the sound from the steps are pre-recorded as they are lighter to dance in for extended periods. The half rubber soles give additional security and ensures a firm foot while on stage.

The show shoe is available in a range of heel heights. Each heel extension is about 4mm. This increases their dramatic impact on stage and allows choreographers to reduce/increase the height difference of dancers.

Please note that show shoes do require ongoing maintenance. The tips will need to be regularly tightened, as the screws that hold the tip in place will become loose over time.

You can glue the screws in place with Locktight glue if you are happy that you will not be able to adjust the screws to change the sound generated from the tips. You can also request for our technicians to do this when ordering.

If you do not glue the screws in place or regularly tighten the screws, then the metal tip may come off. This would not be classified as a fault and is due to a lack of aftercare.

Showshoes are only suitable for professional dance surfaces such as sprung dance floors. Dancing on any other surface such as concrete or pavements invalidates any warranty.

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