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Tip and Heel FAQ

Tips and Heels FAQ

We have gathered together a list of the questions we have been asked about tips and heels. You can find more information on the individual types of tips and heels here. 

If we didn't answer your question then please get in touch. We are happy to advise you!

What are the loudest tips and heels?

The loudest Antonio Pacelli tip is the Liberty tip.

Our loudest heel is the Concorde Lite heel which is available on the Hullachan Ultralite, Antonio Pacelli Ultraflexi and Antonio Pacelli Ultralite jig shoes. It has a hollow center which helps to direct the sound outwards as well as making the heel lighter and easier to dance with.

Can I get my tips replaced?

Yes, we can replace the tips on your jig shoes.

You can replace them with any tips in the Antonio Pacelli range (Leinster, Shaped Leinster, Concorde or Liberty).

Please note that we only replace tips for Antonio Pacelli, Hullachan, Fays, Feis Fayre or Rutherford shoes (we do not stock Fays or Rutherford tips so any replacement would be with Antonio Pacelli tips). We do not retip Ryan O'Donnell jig shoes or other brands. Please see our Repairs price list page for more details.

Can I get my heels replaced, I want to upgrade to the Concorde Lite heel?

Yes we can replace your existing heels. Please see our Repairs price list page for more details. Please note we only reheel Antonio Pacelli, Hullachan, Rutherford and Fays shoes

The top piece has come off the heels on my jig shoes. Can you replace them?

Yes we can. You do not need to replace the whole heel block. Any new top pieces would be an Antonio Pacelli top piece even if the shoe is a Fays or Rutherfords,etc. Please see our Repairs price list page for more details.

I prefer to have my tips shaped in a certain way, can you do this for me?

Yes we can. Some dancers prefer a slightly thicker or thinner tip, or like to have the back of the tip flush with the shoe. Please make this clear in the message box when ordering and we can get in touch if we have any questions about your request. No additional charge is made for this. Please note that any custom work on a jig shoe makes them non-returnable in the event that the size is incorrect.

What is a squared tip?

A 'squared tip' refers to the squared or flat front of the tip which you can see when wearing your shoes. The tip is shaved flat in this area to make it easier to balance when on your toes.

This is also referred to as a 'flat tip','flattened tip' or a 'toe stand square'.

We do this as standard on all our jig shoes. We can make this area larger on request but as above, any custom work on a jig shoe makes them non-returnable in the event that the size is incorrect.

Do you have any other advice on how to get a loud sound from my tips?

There could be two reasons why you are not generating the sound you expect from your tips.

The first is that the tips are too worn and may need replacing. Tips may wear during practice or training, particularly if you train outside (something we do not recommend as this can be dangerous for tendons and joints!). Look at your tips from the side. Do they look thinner than when you first purchased them? If you are unsure then ask your dance teacher who will be able to advise you. 

The second main reason is that the shoes may not be the right size for you. If the shoe is too large or too small then the ball of your foot may not be seated in the correct place in the shoe to generate the sound. Again we recommend that you speak to your dance teacher for advice here.

Which heel has a bubble for easy heel clicks?

We now offer two heels which have a bubble to make it easier to heel click, a difficult move to perfect for any dancer!

For beginners, we have the Leinster Heel Plus which is available on the Essential Jig Shoe and is a fantastic new development in Irish dance.

Previously, curved heels were only available to advanced dancers on the premium line of jig shoes. However we have devised a way to offer the benefits of a curved heel to beginners and dancers who are on a tigher budget! So now dancers have the curved heel option from day 1 of their hard shoe journey smile

The Concorde Lite heel is the latest development for open/championship level dancers.

Available on the Ultraflexi, Hullachan and Antonio Pacelli jig shoes, the heel is made from high end materials which generate a fantasic sound when clicked.

They are lightweight and extremely easy to dance with for extended periods of time. The difference between our old Concorde heel and the new Lite version, is that the Lite version has a hollow chamber in the center to amplify and focus the sound generated outwards. 

Both styles of curved heels are legal for competitive use by all Irish dance organisations.

I have heard about tip and heel extensions, what are these?

These are small layers of rubber (about 4mm thick) which can be placed between the tip or heel and the shoe. This acts to increase their height. These are most commonly requested by show dancers but we can add these to competitive dancers shoes if required. We do not recommend more than 2 layers as more than this can make the shoe unstable. Please note that any custom work on a jig shoe makes them non-returnable in the event that the size is incorrect.

Do you repair other brands of shoes?

We only retip and reheel Antonio Pacelli, Hullachan, Rutherford, Feis Fayre and Fays branded jig shoes.All repairs would be with Antonio Pacelli tips and heels. If you need the original tip or heel then you would need to contact the manufacturer directly.

Why do you not repair all brands?

Some brands are designed so that the tips and heels cannot be repaired so you need to purchase a completely new shoe every time the tips or heels need replacing. The construction quality of some other brands are not reliable enough for us to work on. We do not want the shoe to fall apart whilst in our care so we prefer that you send them back to the original manufacturers for any repairs or retipping.

I am worried the tip/heel is coming away from my shoe, what should I do?

Occasionally you may see a small gap on the corner of a heel and the upper of the shoe. This is nothing to worry about as all the heels from major brands are screwed firmly into place as well as glued. The heel will not come loose. However, if you are still concerned about this then please contact the manufacturer and send them a picture of the problem area.

Do you do completely bespoke work on tips and heels?

Yes we do bespoke work for several progressive Irish dance performers such as Taptronics, testing different materials and concepts to create different sounds and visual appearances. However we are limited by manpower and are only able to work on this basis with a limited number of groups and performers.

I want to get my tips replaced but I am not sure what tips I have. Can you help?

The easiest way to check which tips you have is to check the colour. The colour is different between tips due to the materials used during manufacture. Check out the guide below to identify your tips.

If you are still not sure, or if your tips are made by a non Antonio Pacelli brand please note that we only retip Antonio Pacelli, Fays and Rutherford jig shoes. You would need to contact the company you purchased from if they are not one of these brands.

"Thank you so much for your quick response. It is a pleasure to do business with a customer focused company like Antonio Pacelli."

Kathy - USA
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