Satisfy your intellectual curiosity with a book on Irish dancing.

Irish Dance Colouring Book #2

New colouring book from Victoria Whincup!

Reaching New Heights

A Strength and Conditioning Handbook for Competitive Irish Dancers

Step Sisters Book

What happens when B.F.Fs become bitter rivals!

Upping Your Step Book

Training for Success In Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing In Dublin 1890 - 2017 Book

The Evolution of Irish Dancing in the Great City of Dublin

The World Irish Dancing Championships

Everything you ever wanted to know about the World Championships!

The Dancer - Steps from the Dark

An Irish dance novel by Sean de Gallai

Irish Dancing in London 1880-2014

Tracing the history of Irish dance from the 1880s to the present day.

Irish Dancing Commission Examinations (1943-2013)

Dr. Cullinane traces the history of the Irish dance examination system over the past 70 years.

Irish dancing Commission - Origins and Evolution

Find our more about the world's largest Irish dancing organisation!

Irish Dancing In North America

Read Dr John Cullinane's historical account of Irish Dancing in North America

Irish Dancing Costumes - Their Origins & Evolution

A fascinating study into the evolution of Irish dance costume

Aspects of 170 years of Irish Dancing in Australia

An engrossing account of Irish dancing in Australia

Further Aspect of the History of Irish Dancing

Dr. Cullinane continues his exploration into the rich history of Irish dance.

Aspects Of the History Of Irish Dance

Why do Irish dancers have straight arms? This and other questions answered!

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