Everything you need to keep your feet in tip top shape!

Whether it is heel protectors, ankle supports or something to keep your toes in line you will find it here!

Look after your feet so you can dance your best!

Ezeefit Skins

The latest heel protector from Ezeefit!

Blister Heel Pads

Protects sensitive heels from rubbing and blisters. Ideal for wearing with jig shoes.

Ezeefit Toe Covers - Ultrathin

Helps protect your toes from rubs and blisters!

Elastic Ankle Support

Effective support for weak or injured ankles. Can be worn under your socks.

Bunheads Ouch Pouch

Protect your toes with a pair of Ouch Pouches.

Achilles Heel Pad

Protect your Achilles with this lightweight heel pad.

Gel Foot Covers

Ideal for use with activities that place stress on the toes and metatarsals.

Gel Metatarsal Pad

Supports the ball of the foot with a gel cushion.

Digital Pads

Soothe your corns or blisters with these gel pads

Digital Caps

Relieves pressure and friction on the affected toe or finger.

Gel Toe Separators

Relieves pain of soft corns, overlapping toes and bunions.

Gel Toe Spreaders

Separates toes to relieve pressure and friction. Ideal for bunions and overlapping toes.

'Very good service. Fast delivery'

Nicola - UK
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