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Repairs & Retipping Information

We do offer a comprehensive repair and re-tipping service to extend the life of your jig shoe.

If you would like your jig shoes re-tipped or repaired then please click here to print off our repairs form and include a completed copy with your repair.

Please allow 10-14 days for your repair work to be completed.

Please note that we can only work on Antonio Pacelli, Hullachan, Rutherfords, Feis Fayre and Fay jig shoes. If your shoes are another brand then we recommend you contact the manufacturers directly.

Please note that any retipping would be with Antonio Pacelli tips. If you shoes are a non Antonio Pacelli or Hullachan brand then it is important to note that it is likely the tips will be a different shape and be constructed from a different material to your existing tips.

**If you would like your replacement tips shaped in a particular way, perhaps you want the front squared off more or like the tip completely tapered to the sole, then please let us know on the repairs sheet sent back with the shoes and we will do this for FREE prior to despatch. If you do not specify any requirements then your tips will be done in our standard Antonio Pacelli shape and length and any subsequent amendments to the shape would be chargable and you would be responsible for any additional postage costs.**


Tip Repairs
  New Leinster Tips (per pair) £19.00
  New Concorde Tips (per pair) £23.50
  New Liberty Tips (per pair) £29.50
  New Capezio Metal Tips (per pair) £23.00
Heel Repairs  
  New Leinster Heel Top Pieces (per pair) £8.00
  New Concorde Lite Heel Top Pieces (per pair) £8.00
  New Leinster Heel Blocks + Top Piece (per pair) £14.50
  New Concorde Lite Heels + Top Pieces (per pair) £23.50
  New 8" or 9" Black Straps on Shoes (per pair) £8.50    
  New 8" or 9" White Straps on Shoes (per pair) £8.50
  New 24" Cat Collar Straps + Heel Loop (per pair) £14.00
  Home Repair Kit: Pair of Black Straps, Buckle Ends and Rivets £6.50
  Home Repair Kit: Pair of White Straps, Buckle Ends and Rivets £6.50
  Repair Hole in Sole - Leather or Suede Patch  £12.00 Estimate
  Add Half Rubber Sole to Jig Shoes (per pair) £14.50
  Add Full Rubber Sole to Jig Shoes (per pair) £19.00
  Repair Hole in Upper - Leather Patch £12.00 Estimate
  Jig Shoe Laces are available from our online shop  
 Pump Laces (round and flat) are available from our online shop  

If you have any questions about repairs then please feel free to email us at or call on 0208 902 0150.

"Thank you so much for your quick response. It is a pleasure to do business with a customer focused company like Antonio Pacelli."

Kathy - USA
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