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Jig Shoe: FAQ

Here are answers to the most common jig shoe questions we get asked by email!


Best Jig Shoe for Beginners?

Beginners have a choice of two entry level jig shoes -the Essential Jig Shoe and the Superflexi. Both offer dancers a good level of support while they build strength in their arches and develop as a dancer.

The Superflexi has a leather sole and offers the most support to new dancers. So this is a particularly good choice if the dancer has little dance experience or has suffered from foot injuries in the past. Due to the level of support in the sole it does has limited flexibility for the first few weeks but will become more flexible with wear as the dancer's experience grows.

The Essential Jig shoe is our first black suede sole jig shoe for beginners. The black suede sole is thicker than our Ultraflexi range so it offers new dancers a good level of support but has the bonus of more flexibility in the sole. So this is a good choice for dancers who want some flexibility in the sole straight away while still being supportive. The Essential jig shoe also has the Leinster Heel Plus which is a new innovation in this price range of jig shoes. The heel is curved on the inside to make heel clicks easier to learn and execute.

If you are not sure which is right for you then we would recommend speaking to your dance teacher and ask whether a leather or a thick suede sole would be more suitable. Either are a fantastic beginner's jig shoe.

Best value for money?

The Superflexi jig shoe with Leinster tips and heels. Available in a choice of widths, the Superflexi has a leather sole which will last longer than suede sole versions. A power house of a jig shoe!

Best Jig Shoe for Open/Championship dancers?

These dancers have been dancing long enough to make up their own mind on this one! It totally depends on the individual dancer and the shape of their feet. However many dancers at this level go for an Ultralite version of their favourite brand. This style of jig shoe does not last as long as other styles but offers top dancers a very light, responsive jig shoe.

We offer a range of Ultralite jig shoes depending on your personal taste and foot shape; Antonio Pacelli Ultralite, Fays Ultralite, Hullachan Ultralite and Flexi Pro from Feis Fayre

Dancers who want a top end jig shoe but with a little more substance in terms of build and materials typically for the Ultraflexi with Liberty tips and heels, Fays or Rutherford jig shoes.

Narrowest jig shoe?


Widest jig shoe?

The Superflexi and Ultraflexi jig shoes both come with a wide fitting option.

Best jig shoe for getting on your toes?

Any of the black suede sole jig shoes will allow you to do this after a very short wear. If you want to get straight up on your toes then go for one of the Ultralite models.

Best jig shoe for dancer's with injuries?

We would recommend the Superflexi if you require additional support in the arch area. The leather sole is supportive and will protect arches from over stretching.

If you are looking for jig shoes which offer the best shock absorbency and cushioning due to tendonitis or issues with heels spurs then we would recommend the Hullachan Ultralite, which has the most advanced padding available in any jig shoe.

Best jig shoe for comfort features?

If you want the best in comfort features then it has to be the Hullachan Ultralite jig shoe. It is made from premium leathers and has a padded heel  as well Clever Insoles - the most advanced shock absorbency insoles available.

I need a sizing guide!

You can find a comprehensive sizing guide for each jig shoe on its product page. The sizing guide can be found on a tab underneath the product photos.

Can I return shoes if they are the wrong size?

Yes you can. You can find out more on our returns and exchange policy page.

"Thank you so much for your quick response. It is a pleasure to do business with a customer focused company like Antonio Pacelli."

Kathy - USA
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